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Case Studies

Case Studies In Executive Coaching

Growing a Business

While working with me, my client started a firm from scratch that was eventually bought out by a health care Fortune 200 company. Coaching helped him develop a marketing force that rivaled the largest companies in his field. With regular coaching sessions and extra sessions around the time of the buyout, he stayed calm and focused when all those around him on both sides of the transaction were convinced that the sale would fall through. Coaching helped him keep it on track. He retired comfortably, and now happily works with an incubator.

Anger Management

A very high level executive came to me when he was being shunned by others partners in his company because of his inability to handle his anger. Coaching with me helped him change his behavior to handle his anger and frustration in a much healthier way. His status improved, and now he is a top decision maker who has remained successful in his business, though many others have left. He continues his coaching sessions today to stay strategic in his actions.

Stress Management for Attorneys, CPA’s and Business Executives

An attorney came to me because of the large amount of stress she experienced while working in a large firm. Coaching helped her implement strategies to work with the stress. Since then, she has moved through the firm, and now heads one of the most profitable divisions of the firm.

Strengthen Leadership Role

The head of a large association had been instrumental in the organization’s growth. After many years in his leadership position, he was having problems both with employees and with the new board of directors. Coaching helped him stand up to the board, strengthening his leadership so that problems with employees resolved as well. He has continued to help the association grow even in a difficult economy.

Rise Above Difficult Economics

An attorney came to me recently about downsizing. The economy was affecting his firm, like so many others. Coaching helped him increase marketing efforts, and the attorney was able to keep most of his staff. He is now very busy, despite the difficult economic environment.

Better Decision Making

An accountant came to me with decision-making difficulties, both professional and personal. We probed together how he could stay true to himself, keep his life simple and enjoy each day more. He now has more confidence, making decisions in line with his own values and best interests.